It?s very easy in VeraMate to hide ROOMS and to assign custom icons to them.

Now, I want to to the same for the DEVICES in those rooms to make up for Vera’s interface display shortcomings.

For example, I have an Innovelli 2-port switch, but Vera displays 3 devices instead of 2. I want to hide that phantom device.

Also, most all of my devices show up as Light Bulbs instead of what they really are. I want my Home Theater to look like a Home Theater … not a Light Bulb.

This shouldn?t be hard for VeraMate to do. Instead of tying the icon to a device type, just tie the icon to a device number. They are all unique.

This would allow me to use all of the new icons that I just bought from VeraMate.

You can customize. Here is a sample of my setup.


I finally figured it out. It?s not real intuitive for devices. You hold your finger on them until they wiggle. Then you can hide them or assign new icons.