How to handle light buttons with spring

I’m a new user and bought my Vera 3 for a week ago.
I have a lot of double lamp switches for the lights in rooms.
I bought fibaro 2x1,5 relay and added them into Vera 3.
I can control them perfect from Iphone.
On the buttons i have mounted a spring on the ON side and it then give a pulse to activate a sceene that turn on the light manually. This don’t work.
I have tried many different solutions but I cannot manage to turn on the light with these buttons. (Dimmers is easier).
I have tried to google for this but I cannot find how to do this.

When shall I use a spring and when not? What is the prefered solution?
If spring: Only on the ON side?
Do I need to create a LUA-code to detect the front edge?