How to get a Wallmote up and running with Philips Hue

This forum has given me a lot of help so now I will try (To the best of my ability) to give something back.

I have some Philips Hue bulbs that I am using from my vera Plus. I also have a 4 button Wallmote from aeotec that I was hoping could control the bulbs.

unfortunately this is not possible by following the Vera Plus guide on their homepage. They are using association groups and the Philips Hue app does not support that. If that is what you are looking for use this guide [url=]Using WallMote Quad with Vera UI7 (Group Association / Direct Control). : Aeotec Help Desk

After contacting Aeotec support I got half the solution, some from a Amazon review and the rest I figured out myself.

  1. Pair the Wallmote following the guide.
    Now you have 5 devices. The main device (With the name you have choosen) + _Generic IO to _Generic I3
  2. Go into “Advanced” tab on the device, and change the “device_json” field to “D_CentralSceneController1.json”
  3. Click on “New Service”, then “Reload Engine”
  4. When that’s done, refresh the browser page

Now the Wallmote works with Scenes.

  1. Create a Manual triggered scene where you turn on the light
  2. Go to devices and find the main device with the name of your choice from step 1
  3. Click on the arrow
  4. Down on the page you will find a “Select scenes for device buttons” Click it.
    9 Now you have four combo boxes, one for each button where you can choose Which scene you want to control.
  5. Choose the scene just created.

Now you are able to run that scene every time you click the button.

Hope this will help someone having a wallmote and Hue bulbs.

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Thank you!!

This worked perfectly for me, with my Wallmote (standard, 2 button). I am now able (using a plugin) control a belkin Wemo switch via the Aeotec wallmote.

There’s one step which you missed out, I think around Step 7, where Vera asked me how many buttons my device had. I put in 2 - but obviously if you have a Wallmote Quad, you’d enter 4.

The beauty of what you helped here is, it enables us to use the Wallmote to trigger anything - including non-Z-wave devices. The default out of the box behaviour seems to want to link a button to a Z-wave device only.

Thank you!!

Hi there,

Has anyone been able to get this working so that the WallMote can dim the Philips Hue bulbs?

Thanks in advance.