How to get a device back online

I have a device that went offline. I rebooted twice and that did recognize it!

How do i get it back online or do i just wait for it to find it?

I have a device that is offline, I rebooted and it’s still offline. Is there a secret to get it back online.

Which hub are you using Vera or Ezlo ?

Which device has gone offline ? Make and Model number.

Where are you seeing it shown that its gone offline, in the Vera mobile app?
Is that Android or iOS version ?

Hello @DRagu
We have created a support case in order to help you with your devices not being detected. Please reply at your earliest convenience to our questions and if possible, enable remote access for us to take a look at the issue.

It is a Vera Secure and it was a Z Wave Plus Philio PAT02-B Multisensor. It went back online earlier today.

We’re glad to know that it went back online.
If anything else comes up, remember that the support ticket is still open for you.

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