How to fully reset a Vera Plus (pre-owned device)

Hi Everybody,

I have a newbee question. How do I reset a Vera Plus controller so that I can start fresh.

  • All devices must be deleted form the device/network
  • All settings and scenes must be deleted
  • I have to connect the Veraplus to a new account (new owner)

I have used a Veralite until now but want to make an upgrade and I have the chance now to do so. My Veralite (UI5) has several reset options which I never used and it is unclear for me what they do exactly. Never needed them anyway, it worked flawlessly for about 4 years (and still does).
But I will be the second owner for the Veraplus and I want to make sure everything is clean.


Hello Bert,

If your unit is running UI7 you can do a full reset with the unit connected to internet(so it can remove the username from it), from Settings->Backup → Scroll down to footer of the page and click on Reset to defaults. Then make sure you give it at least 10-15 minutes for the unit to come back, before unplugging it.

Well I wanted to start using the Veraplus but I can’t create the account I want. I get a message that the username or email are used. When I choose to recover the password it say’s email unknown…

Now I remember I tried (without success) to use UI7 on my old Vera Lite long time ago so it could be that I created an account earlier.

What to do now?

Problem solved. My username was registered with another email address I used at time of registering, which I forgot.
I needed the helpdesk to get that email address.

Hey Bert,

Good to hear that you are back on track.