How to "exclude" a Yale touchscreen lever lock and re add it

I have successfully installed two of these locks, but the third had a mechanical problem. I replaced it and installed the old z-wave module in the lock and reset it to factory defaults which I thought would clean it out. I then tried to add it to the network, but repeatedly get the code for “remove from the network” and never the “add” code. The lock showed a red ball and a banner below saying “Z-wave device 7 failed to set up security. Exclude and” cannot see the rest of the banner. So I trash canned it and it disappeared. When I reloaded my control panel it reappeared in “no room” with the same message except now it is device 9. I tried to trash this planning to try a factory reset and start over, but now it will not go into the trashcan. How do I "exclude this as directed, so I can add it to the network?

Any help appreciated. I don’t know why I cannot get into some of the threads that appear to be useful.

BobbyC. 68 yr old very newbie