How to disarm sensor/disable notifications


Nice work on the plug-in. Thanks for picking this up and running with it. I’ve been running 2.19 (UI7) for about a week now and have a question about the arm/disarm function on each zone. It seems that when any sensor is armed, VERA automatically sends a notification out when the zone is tripped. I searched all over the GUI and cannot find anywhere the notification is configured so I’m assuming it’s built in. The problem is that I cannot disarm the sensor to disable these notifications when the partition is disarmed. Any attempt to toggle the arm/disarm throws a “pin code required error”, even if I just stored one. What is strange is that I can toggle the arm/disarm from my iPhone using VeraMate even with the pin code cleared. Every Lua reboot re-arms all of the sensors and my phone blows up with notifications (as every door is opened/closed). I did try to setup a scene that runs on startup to store the pin and disarm the sensors. I would still get the pin code required error. I then deleted the disarming code from the scene such that it only stored the pin code, but that wouldn’t work either. Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated. If you need any additional info or logs, please let me know.



I enabled my Vera Alerts and disabled the Mios notifications. The erroneous notifications have stopped.

How did you do this? I cant find this setting. I am getting a text every time someone walks in front of motion.

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