How to disable IP Camera use by Vera


I just got a FOSCAM FI8918W IP camera on my network but want to run it from my Synology Diskstation, not Vera

However, Vera doesn’t care and takes control anyway.

The Generic camera plug in get loaded by itself and the camera installed in Vera
From then it is polled continuously and it disrupts normal use.

Any tips on how to make Vera not do this?

My Vera 2 has 1.1.1245 installed

Thanks for your help

I’m not sure that I understand the problem, but if you don’t want the camera to display within Vera, just remove the IP from the camera device tab or possibly delete the device ???



that is t he obvious answer which I tried of course but the camera simply pops up again

So, the problem is: How do I remove it permanently

Hi cib161,

Please try this request:

Hi mcvflorin,

sorry it took a while to respond, got a bit ‘in the deep’

Anyhow, tried the command, replacingthe IP’s with the corresponding adresses on the network
So it looked like:

It returned me a ‘Did not find’ page but I assume this is still ok

However, unfortunately, it seem to slow things down but next morning, the camera was back there
And my ZWAVE network got totally erratic, for whatever reason.

Took me a fully blown factory reset, reprogram etc to get things right.

Anyhow, I circumvented things by parking Vera in a separate WLAN (my guest account) away from the camera and decided to only approach it cia
Works fine so far.

Leaves the thought that a simple flag to enable/disable any plug in would have simplified life big time.
Maybe in V3?

Thanks for your support

I’m glad you found a solution for this. Investigating why the blacklistip didn’t work I found that it’s not implemented yet, and probably won’t be in the near future (Mantis #995), given that it has low priority.

To disable Vera detecting the ip based camera.,49521.0.html