How to disable Auto-Changeover

I have a zone system that serves two floors, and so I want to prevent one thermostat from calling for heat at the same time another is calling for AC. I have setup my climate PLEG to switch both into the same mode - so if one is changed to ‘heat’, the other is also changed to that same state. The problem is that this thermostat can be set to “Auto” or auto-changeover between heating and cooling, and hence in that one particular mode I could still have a mismatch.

So on the thermostat itself, a Honeywell YTH8320ZW, I went into installation option 300 and disabled auto-changeover, and ‘Auto’ no longer appears on the thermostat screen. But is still appears in Vera, and even worse, you can still set it to Auto via Vera. Is there a way to disable auto-changeover in Vera? I assume I could edit the “capabilities” under Advanced, but I don’t know where the documentation would be for those codes…

From the install manual. I am just not sure if it will respect the 0300 setting disabling Auto Change Over and if I have to exclude and include and if that will get it loaded right. Plus the yuck of getting PLEG updated to the ‘new’ device after I exclude and include.

Thermostat Mode Other devices (controllers) are able to change the thermostat mode change of the thermostat. After the message is received by the thermostat, the thermostat mode change is changed to desired value (if this value is possible). Seven possible modes are available for the thermostat: Heat / Cool / Off / Auto / Energy Saving Heat / Energy Saving Cool / Em Heat. The number of allowed selections depends on the actual configuration of the thermostat. The thermostat uses "Thermostat Mode Supported" report command class to tell other devices the actually supported thermostat modes.