How to Detect PIN Code Fails on Yale Assure Deadbolt?

I’d like to know when someone has entered multiple ‘wrong’ PIN codes on my Yale Assure deadbolt’s keypad, but even when I manually test it with 4 wrong PINs in a row, literally none of this lock’s device parameters change.

I use Multi-System Reactor to watch the device. While I can easily see such things as lock.state changing from 1 to 0, and sl_UserCode updating after successfully unlocking … the remainder of its attributes stay the same.

On my old Schlage Z-Wave BE-469 deadbolt, the parameter to watch was called ‘Security Failed’, but the Yale has no such item listed. And the next best guess, ‘PinFailed’ (always =1) seems related more to programming than normal use.

Any clues?? I’d love to trigger a warning Scene based on this!


Hello @VeraGator

All door locks have the variable “Security Failed” but it is intended to change when the security keys are not exchanged successfully, therefore this won’t actually report when a wrong PIN Code was entered in the door lock.

To get notified when a Bad PIN Code was entered please follow these instructions:

  • Go to Devices
  • Click on the arrow next to the device
  • Select Notifications
  • Select what would trigger the notification, in this case when a Bad PIN code is entered
  • Give a new name to the notification, select who should be notified, and click Add

That way you can get notified if that scenario takes place.

Note: you can also select the same Trigger when creating a scene.

Excellent advice, and very much what I was after. Thanks!!

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