How to Delay a Scene??

Hey Folks:

I’m trying to set up a scene with a few minute delay to arm my motion sensors as soon as I leave the house, as the sensors do not reset for a minute or two after I walk by them as I walk out the door. Setting up the scene does have a delay option in Vera but does not seem to work with the scene. Any advice?


if I understand your question correctly it is very simple to set a delay, just create your scene, under “commands” in the box next to your motion sensor choose “unchanged” then in the next box choose your time delay, a third box will appear and there you choose “arm”

Hey PGrover;

Got It!! Many thanks for the help!

Another way to do this is to hit the “advanced” button in the scene…

First add a delay of XXX seconds…
Then add your device with the desired command.

This comes in useful if the exact delay is missing from the other option. You can enter any time in seconds wheras the dropdown box from the other option only allows specific time periods. The advanced option allows more specific control of your device commands as well… hopefully the advanced button will someday include conditional statements. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bosston, but I couldn’t get that way to work. Would have saved me some time though.

I am not sure how creating a scene for motion sensors would work in the advanced option… I haven’t tried it.

This is a good and easy way to create a customizable delay in an ordinary scene based on a timed event though…

I’ve been wanting to learn about the “advanced” options but havn’t found much of a tutorial yet, is there one?