How to customize push notification text

Vera sends me push notifications when my door is unlocked and it includes the relevant information (date, time, user, door name, etc) but also has info I don’t need like serial number, alert #, device #.
Is there a way to customize the push notification text to remove some info?
Thanks in advance!

The Vera Alerts Plugin allows you to customize the notifications … but it does not work with MCV’s Vera push notifications.
There are plenty of other Push Notifications schemes out there for Android, IOS, Windows Phone, …

The Vera Alerts Android app allows the alerts to also have 1 of 5 tones and the ability to have the alerts spoken by your phone.

I use the Vera Alerts on my android and it works perfect. I would highly recommend.

Thank you. I should’ve mentioned I use iOS. If Ver alerts plugin doesn’t do push notifications, can you please suggest an alternate for iOS - HomeWave?

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Vera Alerts does do push to IOS devices through multiple options including Plugin-Forwarding for HomeWave

See bottom of first post:,16490.0.html

Great, thank you. I’m off to dig in deeper… :slight_smile:

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