How to Create your own Plugins for Ezlo

You can now easily create your own Plugins for Ezlo.

Quick question, I’d like to give it a try to write a plugin to read data from my smart meter into a virtual device. Using a Ezlo Plus hub, can I access data from a serial device connected to the USB port from a plugin? This would be needed to interface with my smart meter, using the P1 protocol.

So far, I’ve not been able to find any reference to serial communication in the documentation.

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USB port in the hub?

Indeed, the built in port.

I will get our guys to take a look at it asap.
If there is no possible way, we will get it developed.

Some additional information on the Smart meter. In the current VeraPlus this is the "“Smart Meter DSMR P1 port reader” plugin. It uses the serial port configuration:

(also used by the RFXtrx433 device)

I’d like this functionality also on the Ezlo hub.

I am still using the CurrentCost EnviR Energy Monitor and the 3rd party Vera plugin for it. The Energy Monitor connects directly to the USB port on the Vera Plus and using a serial port connection to retrieve data from the Energy Monitor etc.

That’s assuming someone can write a new plugin on the Ezlo platform to do this.

I want to port over the EnOcean plug-in, which also requires the USB port.

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