How to create switches association?

I have a VeraPlus controller and two Inovelli ZWave Smart Dimmers, Red Series, controlling a different light each.

I would like to associate those two dimmers. Meaning that if I turn one on, the other dimmer immediately turns on, if I turn one off, the other one immediately turns off.

I have never been able to do that. Do you have a tutorial page to recommend please?

Thank you

Hi Loic,

I suggest you create the association from the controllers’ web interface. As far as I can see there are no Inovelli switches integrated with the Vera platform, but as long as they are paired and working properly on their own from Vera, there’s a good chance they will take the association command from the controller.

Some things to keep in mind for associations created from Vera’s interface:

  • Go to the settings arrow on each of the two devices you wish to associate > then click Settings under the device:

  • Under that menu, you will see an option called Automatically configure. It needs to be set to Use default behavior.

  • Now check the manual of the switches to determine which association group you need, usually it’s group 2.

  • Go to the settings arrow on what you would consider the secondary or slave switch in your pair, and this time click Device Options, which will bring you to this:


  • Set the group ID, then click Add group, which will give you this:

  • Click Set, then select the device you wish to associate with, and click Save, then Back to Z-wave options.

  • Wait about 15 seconds, then reload the interface. If the association worked, you will see the ID of the device it is associated with next to Set, and Currently.

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Wow it works! Thanks a lot.

FYI, I used group 3 for Inovelli Red Dimmers as written in the manual.
In my case it’s three dimmers with a light each, so not really the master and slave switch use case, but I think I can figure out how to make my use case work.

Another question: what you explained to me, is it explained somewhere like in the Vera Plus documentation? I could not have guessed it otherwise.

Thanks again Leonardo for your help! Have a good one.

Yes, we did have documentation to create associations on the MiOS Wiki but the site has been down for a couple of months now along with Micasaverde Wiki and Micasaverde Forum. I’m not really sure if these domains have been taken down permanently or not. However, there is some documentation around in Google that might be useful as an example to create other devices associations such as these instructions provided by Zooz’s official website to create associations with their ZEN34 switches.

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