How to create Ezlo Plus Scene to turn off lights (that was left on in between a specific time)

Can anyone assist with this.

First the baseline. I’m using ezlo plus to handle all my lights, window coverings, and fans. I have a scene that turns off the lights at 11pm every night that works without a hitch. At times, a family member will go to kitchen at night and forget to turn off the lights when they return to bed.

I want to create a scene in ezlo plus to turn lights off in a specific location between midnight and 6am if they have been on for 20 minutes. The key here is the window timeframe (between midnight and 6am) and the delay (20 minutes with the lights on only during the timeframe mentioned).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

If you don’t mind using the Night mode you can do this by switching on Night at a specific time using a scene and switching off night by another scene (or do it in one single scene by switching night on and after a delay of 6 hours off).

Next you would create a scene that is triggered by the specific light switch and contains a delay of 20 minutes and subsequently switches the light off and only runs during Night mode.

Be aware that the light will be switched off after 20 minutes regardless of what happened in between.

The in between time interval condition doesn’t seem to be available yet. @oleh please confirm.

Thanks for the info. I will give this a try.

Not quite sure what you mean with “Be aware that the light will be switched off after 20 minutes regardless of what happened in between”

The “what happened in between” is the part I’m not tracking on.

Okay it might be a bit far-fetched but this is what bothers me when creating a scene. I’ll give you an example what might happen. Two o’clock in the night and I go to the kitchen, switch on light. 15 minutes later I go up and leave the light on. 3 minutes later the lady goes down to the kitchen and finds the light is on (happy). However two minutes later suddenly the light switches off and it’s completely dark. Wife not happy…

I’m not sure but the delay might even kick in if I would have switched off the light and the wife switched it on again.

In the current scene logic there is no easy way (that I’m aware of) to stop a scene completing all actions, including the delayed actions.

Hello @ryantatum20,

We have opened a Zendesk ticket for your request #244745. According to your description, the scene creation will need to have a time-frame scheduled to work your lights. We are reviewing the case and let you know the way to accomplish this for your home automation system. As soon as we come with a solution we’ll let you know.
Thanks for your understanding.

It’s currently a feature request surely…

I looked at this thread earlier and didn’t reply.

I couldn’t see a way to do this with Ezlo scenes in the mobile app.

Likewise no way to do with Vera scenes either.

Not far fetched at all.

I really do appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

We have created a new feature request for this option. To have time-frame schedules as a trigger or condition for scenes. You can check the JIRA ticket link

Thanks for your feedback!

I tried checking the JIRA ticket link but it is not accessible. It states that I do not have permission to view the request.

@ryantatum20 can you please check again? The link should be visible for you now.

Could you use a motion sensor in the room that will turn off 20 mins after motion has stopped being detected. I did this in my garage and it works well. You would have to add an additional time component so that it only executes the scene After 11 pm AND when motion has stopped being detected.

Indeed it makes sense using a motion sensor. I do the same in my garage. Combined with the night setting ( I described earlier in this thread) it can work. Problem for now will be that you cannot set any parameters yet telling the sensor for how long it stays tripped.
(In my case I associate the sensor with the light so this can basically run independently from the hub. )

Thanks. I have access now.

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Will have to purchase a motion sensor in order to do what you suggest. Was really looking to do this via a scene like the one I had created in Vera Plus. Of course when I migrated the devices to ezlo, it erased portions of that scene I had created.

What exactly were you trying to do? Reason I ask is because we are building the web app and want to make sure your requirement is considered.

Create a scene that does the following:

From 11pm til 6 am, if a light is turned on in the kitchen have it turn off after being on for 20 minutes (because it remained on due to it not being turned off).


Are there any updates on this topic? I am looking to do the exact same thing. I would like to have a light turned off if left on accidentally between the hours of 10 PM and sunrise.


So, the logic here would be something like:

Whenever device X is turned ON

Time restriction:
11 PM to 6 AM

Wait 20 minutes, then turn device X OFF.

If that’s what you wish to accomplish, it is not yet possible on the app since no options for time restrictions or delayed actions are currently available.

The request for implementing time restrictions on scenes in the app is already on the queue:

Since I couldn’t find one for the delayed actions option, I created it:

Hopefully, it will be implemented soon, but there is no ETA to offer on this.


@Leandro ,

Delayed action is available for an action, so what would be changed by your request?

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