How to create a virtual group of Fibaro RGBW devices on Vera Plus UI7

i?ve just scaled up my z-wave system, I now have six Fibaro RGBW controllers managing all my LED strips in the ceiling. One controller appears as six devices; the parent, then the individual parameters; red, green, blue, white and brightness. With six Fibaro controllers now I am seeing 32 devices. This makes for a very busy and confusing list of devices when your trying to create scenes. I always want all my ceiling RGBW strips to do the same thing.

Is there any tricks to simplify this? Ideally creating a group virtual device which contains all the individual devices and makes programming a lot easier? I?ve looked into device association but I don?t think it?s quite what i?m looking for.

I feel I am missing something simple as I imagine this is a basic feature that should be available to users.

Any help, hints or advice would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks.

Use this plug-in and you will be good

I have meanwell lpc 35-700 led driver which outputs at 700ma and i want to run led string but at lower current.
Let say 500ma or 600ma, How can i achieve this?