How to Connect Amazon Alexa with Vera

Vera works with Amazon Alexa devices so you can command your home with just your voice. You can ask Alexa to control your light bulbs, on/off switches, dimmer switches, smart plugs, thermostats, and Vera Scenes.

This guide will cover:

[ul][li]The prerequisites
Installing Alexa
Installing the Vera Skill
Supported Commands
Managing Alexa

The Prerequisites

[ul][li]An existing Vera account with at least one controller assigned to it
At least one lighting, or climate device paired to your Vera controller
An existing Amazon account with an Alexa device paired to it
Also, it is essential to take the following details into account:
The Alexa device is powered on and connected to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access The compatible models are:
Echo Dot
Echo Show
Your Vera controller is online
You have upgraded the firmware to version 7.0.20b or newer[/li]

Install Alexa

[ol][li]Create a new Amazon account:
Login to
Once logged in, you are greeted with information on how to get started
Select your device (e.g. Echo Dot)

Note: For security reasons you will be asked to sign in again
Start Alexa setup:

[ol][li]Select language
Begin Echo setup ? connect to Wi-Fi
Wait for the orange light ring on Echo Dot
Connect your PC to Echo Dot
Press the dot button (on Echo Dot), to put Alexa in setup mode
Select the Wi-Fi network you want Echo Dot to connect to[/li]

There is also an advanced mode that allows the end user to manually configure the Wi-Fi network
Once connected to Wi-Fi, the Alexa setup process is completed. You will be prompted with a few additional fields with details on how to use Alexa, as well as with a few examples of voice commands that can be used

Installing the Vera Skill

[ol][li]Login to or open the Amazon mobile app

On the left side menu, click the Skills section

Search for ?Vera Control? (the name of the Skill) and access the Vera skill by selecting it

Click the ?Enable? button

At this point you should be redirected to Log in with your Vera credentials.

Once you login, a list of the devices and scenes from the assigned Vera unit should be displayed.[/li]

NOTE: You will see a list of devices that are accepted (and which you can select) and devices that are prohibited (selection is not possible, device is displayed with a red exclamation point icon). The reason is because device types that have security or safety considerations are currently prohibited and Alexa will not discover nor execute commands on them. The concerned device categories are:

[ul][li]Door locks
Garage doors
Security systems
Security sensors
Cooking appliances

Select all the devices and scenes that will be controlled with Amazon Alexa and then click Finish.
NOTE: You can give the devices custom names if needed.

After the plugin is installed and the accounts are linked, the following message will appear:
"Alexa has been successfully linked with Vera Control?.

To discover devices, return to the Amazon Alexa homepage and a pop-up should appear with the message ?Smart Home devices must be discovered before they can be used with Alexa.? Click ?Discover Devices? to find your devices from your Vera unit.

Once you click ?Discover Devices?, a pop-up will appear with the message ?Alexa is looking for devices.?

After the message disappears, you?ll be able to see the Smart Home tab and all of the discovered devices from the Smart Home tab.

Your Vera system is now successfully linked to your Amazon Alexa device. Start controlling your devices and Scenes with your voice!

Supported Commands

The Vera Smart Home Skill V2 API currently has suppor, for lights, switches, smart plugs and thermostats, including turning devices on and off, dimming lights, and thermostat controls.

Turn a device On/Off
Alexa, turn on/off the kitchen light
Alexa, turn on/off the heat

Turn your scenes on
Alexa, turn on All Lights

Brighten or dim your lights
Alexa, brighten the kitchen light
Alexa, dim the kitchen light

Set lights or temperature
Alexa, set the kitchen light to 50%
Alexa, set the heat to 72 degrees

Increase or decrease temperature on thermostats
Alexa, increase Living Thermostat by 5 degrees
Alexa, decrease Living Thermostat by 5 degrees

Managing Alexa

[ol][li]Go to and login with your Vera account.

Expand the user menu in the top right corner of the page and click on “Manage Alexa”.

Select the devices and scenes associated with your Vera controller(s) that you want to control with Alexa.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on “Finish” once you are done. You should see a success message: “Alexa has been successfully linked with Vera Smart Home.” and the required plugin will be installed on your Vera.

NOTE: For new actions to play with, specific device help, and much more, check out the Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill Support Section. [url=] Help

Check out our support article as well which also includes screen captures with the entire process:

Can this be made to work in reverse, ie can Vera ask Alexa to do something that’s not controlled directly by Vera, but that can be controlled by voice with Alexa? In particular it would be great if Vera could ask Alexa to arm Blink cameras when mode changes.

I hate to resurrect an old thread, butt… last time I messed with connecting “Alexa with Vera” the above data was valid.
It is no longer valid. now goes to a cr code page and you must use the app

the app can’t discover devices
I’ve had to replace several failed switches this week and have run into a brick wall with the app.
the newest alexa app doesn’t have the 3 stacked line any longer so these “” instructions are also invalid.

anyone delt with this lately?

Think you just login to and click the menu in the upper right select “Manage Alexa” tick the new devices on that page and save, then ask Alexa to sync devices.

there is no “Manage Alexa” in the upper right…

On that drop down menu there is.

Dont “Connect” to your Controller, just look for that drop down menu top right

on the newest version of the alexa app, Dec, 4 2023, there is no drop down on the right.
I’m wondering if i have to go through skills, disable / enable, re login,
forget devices, and maybe there’s a “scan devices” there.

as I recall, we used to have to do that to get alexa to find new devices on the alexa web control panel.

I never said in the Alexa app. I said on the website use the portal pages there on that drop down menu.

ahh!! never knew that was there.
I’ll let you know

made the changes though the side and they did not work. I’m going to give it some time to propagate.

Did you ask Alexa to sync devices?

no I did not.
via the app?

You can just ask an Alexa speaker I think or use the mic button in the app.

“discover devices” seems to have worked
“sync devices” responds with “searching. i don’t see anything to connect”
it did not remove the unchecked device but it looks like I can delete it via the app

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Thanks, I’m good.
CW… You were correct all along I just wasn’t listening close enough…

so to recap

  1. login to (don’t click “connect”)
  2. click the “down arrow” menu in the upper right select “Manage Alexa”
  3. tick the new devices on that page and save
  4. ask Alexa to “discover devices” .

note… old devices can be deleted from the alexa app


I think “sync devices” works for Google Home but you are right “discover devices” should be said to Alexa.

Regarding unchecking a device from the list on the portal web page and then saving that page, that should remove the device from the Alexa app after a new “discover devices” command.

If it did not? Then that is also broken now it seems. I will have to try it myself.

You can remove it from the Alexa app instead as you say, however it may? Return again the next time you do a “discover devices” command.

The whole voice assistants integration is janky, Ezlo are hopefully working on writing it all again from the ground up but I’ve never seen any results of any such work in beta testing, so who knows.

Yep, I have Dome water valve that’s too weak to turn on or off the valve.
I’ve ordered an Econet Bulldog to replace it so I unchecked the Dome.
The Dome did not disappear on it’s own so I deleted it via the app.
It has not returned, yet. We’ll see what it does when I discover the Bulldog.