How to configure TTS in Sonos version 2.0

After updating to Sonos 2.0 the only thing I heard with TTS was a chime. Reading some posts in this topic I read that the only TTS engines that actually do work are Azure and Mary. Previously I used Google TTS, so I have to configure one of the two Azure or Mary.

But I can not find a manual how to do this? I read that I had to configure the Sonos master device, but how?

Please help with a step-by-step manual…

It is all described here: Sonos-Vera/ at stable · toggledbits/Sonos-Vera · GitHub

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Use those instructions to try GoogleTTS. It may work, I just don’t use it and didn’t test it.

Thanks for your reply, but I still do not understand what to do configuring Mary or Azure. Do I have to install a local server? The instruction manual is not very ellaborate about this item…

Mary has to be installed on a server you operate (local or otherwise).

Azure instructions: Signing up for Azure Cognitive Services Voice - Sonos - Ezlo Community