How to check/enable nightly heal?

I know that latest upgrades of firmware did some changes to nightly heal routine (ability to configure and/or disable), but what is default and how to check it?
I see that configuration can be done by entering link (https://…), but I assume this can be done only when I’m in the same network as my Vera. Is there a possibility to configure it remotely?

What is my problem: I set up two devices and after some testing (one day of operation close to the controller) I’ve moved them to the final location, from where they don’t have direct access to the controller (there is a repeater and couple of other devices around). Now I don’t have access to these two devices as my controller reports that they “can’t be detected”.
I want to force them to find their neighbors.

Default is on. You can disable the nightly heal by putting luup.attr_set("EnableNightlyHeal", 0, 0) in your startup Lua. Turn it back on with luup.attr_set("EnableNightlyHeal", 1, 0)

You don’t need a full heal of all devices, though. Choose the closest repeater-capable devices to the new/relocated devices that you can reliably communicate with, and go to Device Options in their control panels, and hit the “Update Neighbor Nodes” button on each. Do them individually, 60 seconds or more apart, and do not do anything in the interim period, just wait. Each device should find the new device(s) as a neighbor. When that’s done, you should be able to do “Update Neighbor Nodes” on the new/relocated devices successfully (this may not be necessary, but I always do it). From there, you should have communication with the new devices. As always, a reload of Luup and a hard refresh of the browser are a good idea whenever making significant device changes.


Thanks for the info!

I tried updating neighbor nodes, but it didn’t went well unfortunately (I still don’t see problematic ones on the “neighbor” list in Variables section, one is reported as "can’t detect, the other responds intermittently). Maybe the issue is that the location of the device is a bit hidden. From the other hand there is nothing really solid in between the devices, just some wood. Hopefully I will be at the location in the weekend and check it.