How to change WIFI connection on VistaCam?

My VistaCam 1203 is currently connected to 5GHZ WIFI but it drops out a lot.

I want to change it to be connected to the 2.4GHZ WIFI channel instead, to see if that improves things?

Anyone know how to do this ?


Hello! @cw-kid

For this scenario, the camera would need to be reset and set up again with the 2.4GHz network credentials. There’s no option available to switch from one network to another without resetting it.

OK thanks, I have lost the original instructions and cannot remember how I originally connected it to the WIFI network.

Do you have any instructions for the VistaCam 1203 initial setup ?


@cw-kid yes, these instructions are available on the Vera Mobile app, using the device pairing wizard for the camera.

Once logged into the app and controller, you’ll need to go to Devices > Tap the “+” icon on the top right corner to add a new device > Tap on “Doorbells” and you’ll see the “VistaCam 1203” pairing wizard available with detailed instructions.

Aren’t these just Foscam cameras rebranded?

If so then if you plug in ethernet that takes priority over WiFi. Then you can log into the camera via its IP address, enter userid and password, and get into the setup section and edit any and all of the settings.

You can’t do that. Ezlo has hidden and crippled the web UI admin settings pages. You cannot access them.

Thanks so do I just delete the doorbell device then via the app and then add it again?

Or do I need to press a reset button or something? Actually on the doorbell camera.

@cw-kid yes! The recommendation is to both delete and reset the camera before you complete the setup again. You can add it without deleting it from the app, but the old camera will still show up there without a connection. To reset the camera, you need to press the reset button for 30 seconds until you hear the “reset successful” message.

Also, you can check the quick start guide PDF attached in case you need instructions on how to mount the camera before the setup.

VistaCam_1203_QSG_v3_09072021.pdf (245.9 KB)

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