How to change VERA settings on Windows 8.1?

I have a tablet with windows 8.1. Installed Grasshopper and got distracted so I did not configure the connection settings.
When I returned, the device had locked itself and upon unlock, the connection settings window was gone.
I could not get the menu or settings screen to reappear so had to uninstall and install to get that screen back.

I think you have a menu bar hidden on the right side of the screen or something, but that is not reachable on my device (it brings forward the windows settings bar).
How can I reconfigure the Vera settings? (how to reach the “options” screen)

App looks really well once you get the device configured, so thanks for your hard work! :slight_smile:

Just open the charms bar by flicking from the right. Then click Settings at bottom. That will load a menu. From there you can create and edit your vera’s. I think i also might have put a settings button on the bottom bar. You can see this by flicking up from the bottom.


First time Windows 8 user, so still finding my way :wink:

Well in a few weeks you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free, so it will be familiar again.