How to change device schema

I have a leviton VRCS-M0Z and it’s not recognized as a 4 button scene controller. I want it to be recognized as device 1200 or 1300 in the schema xml so that I can use LED controls. Is there any way that I can telnet into vera and edit the schema device ID associated with the device so that its recognized as the leviton 4 button controller rather than a generic scene controller?

With Z-Wave devices, generally no. Most of the implementation is hardcoded into the LuaUPnP executable where you can’t mess with it.

You may find that you can have a small effect on device recognition by editing the /etc/cmh/zwave_products_sys.xml file or by changing the device_type field in the Advanced tab for a device in the web UI, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll stick. Also, needless to say, if you break things you are on your own.