How to automate this 4-way switch?

I have an AEON Micro Smart Energy Switch G2 that I would like to use to control my hall light. I’m kind of stumped at the moment on how install it in my existing 4 way switch circuit. After scouring the forum and web it seems to me like there are so many different ways to wire a 4 way switch, but none of the diagrams I’ve come across match my current setup.

I’m hoping a kind soul would take a look at my diagram and help me find a solution. Thank you!

You can do it if you can run another two wires from the box on the left to where the light bulb is ie box 2nd from left. You effectively have this set up - refer 4 way image:,17318.msg134102.html#msg134102

and you want to achieve this:,17318.msg134131.html#msg134131

The G2 will need to go in the most left box, as this is the only box, that has both the line and neutral available:

  1. left box - completely disconnect the incoming line and neutral that go to the danger sign. This leaves the very bottom of the switch - left side - with no connection and the wire nut on the white will have been removed to achieve this
  2. reconnect the black and white to the line & neutral input on the G2 - making sure you get them the right way round
  3. disconnect the light bulb from the two white wires in the 2nd box from the left and join them together with a wire nut
  4. run two new wires from the light bulb back to the box on the far left and connect to the G2 load connections. This may be where everything becomes a problem for you?
  5. all the wires in the three other boxes now act as low voltage switch circuit. They should all be checked to absolutely make certain they are not connected to line, neutral or ground at any point.
  6. in the most left box connect the white wire on the right side to one of the switch inputs on the G2. Connect the very bottom of the light switch on its left side to the second switch input on the G2.

You diagram is fantastic - how did you do it? If you re do it to match what I’ve described I can and everyone else can, recheck that it’s correct.

PS - this is not advice and I may have misinterpreted what you have described. Only proceed if your electrician doing the work is satisfied that it is safe to proceed - please be careful. :wink:

Thanks for your help. Let me sketch it out and post back.

I made the diagram using photoshop. I prefer visual diagrams vs schematics and i am a little OCD with my diagrams :slight_smile: