How to add Vera into HA-Bridge?

I successfully started ha-bridge-4.3.1 on my Rasberry Pi and can access it via browser.
Now I’m completely stuck and confused by limited instructions I can find how to add my Vera Lite into this?
In “Bridge Control” menu I added IP address of my Vera. There was no fields for username/password, I’m pretty sure it’s needed? How would it access my Vera?
Vera Devices menu is empty… Bulk Add button does nothing :frowning: Help me please! :slight_smile:

You don’t need a username or password on your local network. The Vera is open on port 3480. It’s been a while since I did this, but I think you have to click the green Add button on the right after entering your Vera’s IP (otherwise I don’t think you see anything). Then go to the ‘Vera Devices’ or ‘Vera Scenes’ tab. I think you should see your devices and scenes. But they won’t do anything until you click the green ‘Build Item’ on the right. What this does is to create the item for you which should then be visible in the ‘Bridge Devices’ tab. Then you need to ask Alexa to discover them.

Thank you!
Yup I did press add, save and reinitialized bridge. It’s definitely saved in the configuration, but Vera devices tab still empty…
I’m going to try to reinstall it from scratch on different Pi…

Did you check the logs tab for anything interesting? Maybe there is something there. Also try the ‘refresh’ button although I would think that re-initialize would do the same.

Also, you can ask on the issues page on the github site for the bridge. The author of the program is really good about responding. And there are many closed issues there so you might find a solution or workaround if you search. I wish I could remember the exact steps that I did to help you, but it’s been too long. And I don’t want to mess up what is working for me. I hope you find a solution and let this forum know so we’ll know how to solve it in the future.

Got it working! I think it might have been a permission issue or something… I started ha-bridge on different Pi device using “sudo”. After I added Vera IP it populated Vera Devices!!! :slight_smile: Yey!

For anyone who has same issue, basically you need to install java (SDK 8 ) first. Then just copy latest (4.3.1 in my case) ha-bridge-4.3.1.jar file to some folder you created.
To test it just run:
sudo java -jar ha-bridge-4.3.1.jar > ha-bridge.log 2>&1 &
This will start ha-bridget, create “data” folder inside and create habridge.config file. By default it uses port 80, which will probably conflict if you running some kind of web server. Unfortunately switch (-Dserver.port=8080 ) doesn’t do anything and it still defaults to port 80, but you just edit habridge.config file and change port there. After that start it again, and you should be able to access it via web browser.

Go to Bridge Control and setup name and IP for your Vera. Click Add next to it. Click Save on top. Bridge will restart. At this point you should see Vera Devices in that tab… From that point on I have no idea what to do next, but I’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

WOW it’s working. Once you get vera devices list to show up, just click Build Item next to it, and save. No need to change anything, other than giving them a good name. You will use this name when talking to Alexa. i.e. “Office Lights”, “Patio Light”, etc.
Then click on My Echo → Smart Home → Discover Devices.
Bam! It will see all devices automatically, and you can just say something like “Alexa, turn on office lights”.
After that it took me some time to configure habridge to automatically start on my Pi. Since I have older OS, it doesn’t really support services, but I got around it with startup .sh script and crontab at boot.
Going to make a nice tutorial that anyone can follow…

I wish I didn’t see this thread… Now you are making me want to try this… and I don’t have an echo or dot yet…

Hehe, try it :slight_smile: You can test without echo, from ha-bridge web page it will give you buttons to test devices and scenes.

:o I may have to unpack my Pi3. I just hate Linux, reminds me of the old Dos, Basica, and Fortran days.

Fortran!! Welcome to the old geezers club :slight_smile:

Surely that doesn’t make us old geezers… Pascal, Fortran and some of the like… Remember Assembly language? Sheesh, guess I am getting old…

PDP-11 Assembly return (rts R7) statement octal equivalent is a 207 … and yes I had to enter things like this using 16 switches for address and 8 switches for data.
I guess I am really old :slight_smile:
There are some things you never forget … I do remember when Fortran revolutionized assembly language programming for Scientific programming.
In Grad School I taught Fortran at Georgia Tech for non engineers … a lot of them didn’t have a clue … Same with many PLEG users trying to understand Sequence expression.

Note: Your Mac Computer is running Linux … Your Android phone is running Linux! … Many routers are running Linux … This is modern stuff.

I sense a great disturbance in the force. As if dozens of BSD voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

I’m having sort of the same problem… Running HA-Bridge on a Windows computer, enabled upnp, opened up the firewall, but still I see no sign of the Vera controller on the bridge controller. Everytime I put int he ip-adress and hit “save”, the page reloads and directs me to logon/logoff screen. Am I doing something wrong, or does it work best on a rpi?