How to add scene to a ACT HomePro ZTM230


I am a newbie at using z-wave and Vera products and I have a question. I have created a scene “all lights off” and I want to add this scene to group id 2 of a ACT ZTM230. How should I do that? Or how should I add a scene to group id 2 of a scene controller with 2 buttons (ACT ZTM230)?

When I do add a scene to a ACT ZTM230 the Scenes Tab is still not working. I do see de tab but I can not make any adjustments.

I’m seeing the same problem. Just bought 2 ZTW230s. When I go to the “Scenes” tab it’s greyed out so can’t link any scnes to the controller.

What am I doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong. Vera does this stuff strangely for some controllers.

Assuming you’re on UI4, instead of doing this using the Scenes tab of the controller, click on the Events tab of the Scene in question. Add an event, edit it and select the controller you care about, specify whether you want the scene to trigger when the scene is activated or deactivated and enter 2 in the scene number field to indicate button #2 of the controller. The event name is arbitrary.

For controllers where the Scenes tab works, playing with those settings ends up doing the same thing in the associated scene (with an event name of AUTO_GENERATED).

I have one Wayne Dalton gateway module and 3 Leviton 4 button controllers. Vera has a working Scene tab for the Leviton gear but does not have one for the Wayne Dalton gateway.

OK. I now understand that I have to configure my scene settings within the scene itself and not on the tab scenes.

Now I want to add a scene to a scene controller ZTW230. On the events tab of the scene I do the following steps:

  • add event
  • choose my device (ZTW230)
  • Set trigger event: A scene is activated
  • Name for the scene: test
  • Which scenenumber: 2

Then when I go to the device it says on the control tab Button #2-on=Thuiskomen. When I push the button nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

When I add the same scene to ZDM230:

  • add event
  • choose my device (ZDM230)
  • set trigger event (A device is turned on or off
  • Name for this event: test2
  • Which mode: On
    and test the scene by pushing the button the scene works fine.

I don’t understand!! HELP!!

You need to add the controller AGAIN to Vera. The same way you initially added it.
Then the scenes you have assigned to that controller will copy over from Vera into the controller.


How can I re-add a controller to Vera?
The firsttime I added the controller I used a Aeon Labs Z-Stick but when I hold the Aeon Labs Z-Stick to the controller like the first time nothing happens!!