How to add Samsung Smartcam SNH-P6410BN to VeraEdge as a Cam Device ?

How can I setup Samsung Smartcam SNH-P6410BN camera to the VeraEdge hub.
The automatic add camera process did not found the camera in the LAN.

How to do it manualy ?

can someone guide me or send a guiding link ?

Thank you

I have the same camera and the same problem. UI7 lists it as a security camera and so presumably knows something about it. The camera works fine with the Samsung Android and iPhone apps and VLC so I know it’s on the network. Attempting to manually add it doesn’t work either. Has anyone had success with this camera?


I would like to add a Samsung Smartcam SNH-6440BN to VeraEdge and I need help too :cry:


Bump. Anyone. Considering this camera. I would like to know if it works before forking over $150.

Any luck connecting this Camera? I just bought this Samsung smartcam but can’t get it connected.

I recommend investing in Blue Iris. There is a Vera plug-in for it, and with both the DVR and Virtual Motion plug-ins, you can do quite a bit with almost any camera. There are many discussions within this forum on how to get this stuff working (which is how I both learned about it and got it all working).