How to add D-Link Ip Camera DCS-942L to vera UI 7?


I was wondering how can I add a D-Link Camera via Vera,

Is there any way I can view what it realtime thru iOS and Android also?


I added a Dlink DCS-930L to my system. I had to add it as a generic IP camera and enter “image.jpg” as the image path. I also had to set a username and password on the camera.

I’ve not been able to get live video working, although it will poll the static image several times a second so you end up with a stop-motion type effect.

Don’t have any android type devices, but HomeWave on iOS was able to add the widget for the camera and showed the couple of frames-per-second feed. I had t remove it again though because the HomeWave interface became unusable (wouldn’t respond).

I use the ImperiHome app on Android, and it shows my D-Link alright (DCS-5222L and the other is a DCS-930 I think). Yes, just refreshes the still images repeatedly.

So do I need to set this up on my android for it to link with Vera Mobile?

Also you mentioned something about a stop effect? so its like frame per second speed?

I just purchased a DCS-935L camera.
I have successfully gotten it to work using the following URL: http://camera’sipaddress/video/mjpg.cgi
I get full motion video in the Vera desktop web app (via Firefox)

My issue is that I get nothing in the IOS app.
The DLink cloud app works fine.

Anyone have any idea’s?