How persistent is Vera with a node that is difficult to reach?

I have a receptacle in my setup that is causing me a little trouble. It is hard to reach, and I haven’t installed what will become a better mesh of neighbors yet. I’ve been holding off with putting the node and one related to it on a timer scene, mainly because it controls one of two landscape transformers. Yep, you guessed it, the other transformer responds flawlessly. So get the picture: half the front yard lit. At the moment, I’m using basic timers that don’t have a sunset feature.

I notice that if I turn the problem node off or on, it may not act right away and sometimes it’ll respond as much as a minute to a minute and a half later. How long will Vera keep trying to make the node do its command and report back success?

If nobody’s exactly sure, I’ll grab a lawn chair and hand the wise old owl a Tootsie Roll Pop.