How many Network ports does Vera 2 have?

I’m going to upgrade from my original Vera to the Vera 2. I want to add a second IP camera and run it to Vera 2. Does it have two (or more) inputs for cat 5e as well as a Network input for my modem?\


2 ports
1 for your modem
1 for you to connect a single other device into

2 choices to connect 2 IP cameras
first- buy a router and connect that to your modem and then vera to the router (set vera as a switch in network settings).
Second- connect the vera to your modem and then buy a switch to connect to vera. Then connect your cameras to the switch.

Or reuse your old V1 and set it in wifi client mode (or hard wire it) and use it as a switch to connect your cameras and other stuff remotely. I use mine this way to bridge to my garage for the etherrain, and camera etc.

If reusing V1 I’d say reflash it with Tomato. Kamikaze beats everything around on user un-friendliness.
Otherwise - get a REAL router, and plug Vera into it