How many locks will Vera Edge Handle without issue?

I am moving into a new house next week, sold my old house that was outfitted with a Vera Lite, 20-30 intermatic light switches, garage door, 3 door sensors and 3 kwikset deadbolts.The old house had a switch that had delay issues because I think the signal was running through the kwikset lock first.

In the new house I will be purchasing a vera edge, and have ordered one Yale keyless z-wave deadbolt to start me out… however my new house has 6 points of entry! three doors in the garage (Not sure who planned that), and 3 more at different points in the house. So I am prepared to purchase 6 of these locks because I really like knowing that the doors are locked from my phone without walking all around the premises and I also really like the unpickable aspect of the keyless devices.

Moving now to a 6 deadbolt vs. 3 deadbolt system, will there be any issues running that many “encrypted” z-wave devices at once? I will be adding probably 50 additional switches, etc moving forward as well. How many locks are you guys running and any tips for keeping operations stable? Or should I not even be concerned about this? Thanks for any input

No issues with that number of z-wave devices.

Are you going to use all those doors frequently? Perhaps you can put some kind of automatic lock on a few where if they are closed, they are locked. Then you could just check a door switch.

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There is only one door that probably won’t get much use. … however with kids you never know. If I didn’t do a zwave lock I would have to close it off with a keyed deadbolt and zwave sensor, so I know it’s closed. but that route means I can’t use the door easily ever in the rare off chance I need to. Something to consider for sure though.

I have two of the Yale keyless z-wave deadbolts, and I like them, but the z-wave module isn’t that great in my opinion. The auto-routes it gets from Vera are unworkable - again in my opinion. I use manual routes of “0” for direct Vera communication, as that is the only way I have been able to keep them reliable.

I have seen some posts here indicating that Yale will have z-wave plus models out later this year. If it were me I might wait for a z-wave plus model…