How Does Scenes - Add Remote Work?

I have a Nevo Q50, when I click on Scenes - Add Remote in Vera, one of my choices is:
120 Windows Mobile Nero Q50 Nero Q50 (580x580)
If I pick this and add it to Vera, what will it do?

1 - Vera scene will also control the Nevo Remote so that it will turn on my TV?
2 - Vera will draw a Nevo Q50 on my screen and it will look like a Nevo Q50 but has nothing to do really with my physical Nevo Q50.
3 - The Nevo Q50 will control Vera, when I press a button on the Nevo, it will send commands to Vera?

Thanks for any clarification, from reading the documentation, I couldn’t really figure out the functionality.