how does ip camera live feed work or is there no live feed option?

I tried to use my older IP cam with vera2, it works but I have a question about it.

I cannot get a live feed using vera only still pictures refreshed every X seconds, is there no option to view the the live feed of the camera instead of only still pictures?

I now had to enter the jpg path into vera manually (cam not listed), vera reads the jpg’s created and shows them with an interval of a few seconds, i cannot select any live feed option anywhere.
There is no option to do this at all within the vera2 interface, also on ivera (iphone) i only get still pictures with a refresh time of 2 seconds.

Ofcours i can lower the refresh time to 1 seconds but this is still no live feed.
My camera has a completely different live feed as the jpg path which i had to enter into vera as jpg path.

How does this work?

I was just reading about it here but I’d be interested to hear if anyone has been successful with it before I attempt. I’m also not clear on how it deals with multiple cams

I think only the Panasonic cameras were initially supported, not sure if this made it into the latest firmware or not though.