How do you run a scene from an input device?

Hi guys. I want to have a scene that runs when a door contact is open like turn on a light. Easy you say. However I want to turn off the light when the door closes… Can’t figure it, please help

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but couldn’t you create a second scene that if the door contact is closed then turn off the light?

Create a scene, in Events tab add your sensor/contact device and select “Sensor is tripped”, Tripped = Yes, in Commands tab select your light switch and “ON” command.

Create another scene, in Events tab add the same sensor/contact and select “Sensor is tripped”, but Tripped = No, in Command tab select the same light switch and “OFF” command.


Now your light will be turned ON when you open the door and turned OFF when you close the door.

Hi thanks for that, I tried that and both scenes appeared to fire at the same time, I’ll have another play.