how do voice commands work?

I just updated to last version and see that i can set voice commands.

What command can i use and how do i set them?

I discovered how to add them, but how do i use them?

When i start cortana and say: Grasshopper run MY COMMAND it only opens a search for what is say, cortana does nothing…

Sorry your experiencing an issue. You definitely are executing them correctly. Basically i save the exact text as a command so typically it just works. Let me take a look and see if there is a possible scenario where i’m not properly updating the voice command list. This is a OS level thing you do that maybe is getting skipped for some reason. I’ll probably be adding some more logging to hopefully see what is going on. Keep an eye out for an update regarding this. Thanks for reporting.

I think i’ve been able to repo the issue, so hopefully it won’t take long to track down

Ya some old beta code was left in that was overwriting the voice command file when the app loaded and was not properly updating the voice commands within it after that. I believe i got it fixed so it will go out in the next update.

There’s a new update out that hopefully corrects the voice command issue. Basically they were getting deleted every time the app started.