How do I use a schedule and a door contact to control a light


I have an outside light on a schedule (on at sunset and off at 10pm) and afetr 10pm I want a door contact to turn on the light for 5 minutes.

I know how to do these as seperateley , but not combined.

What you are attempting, a scene that runs on a schedule AND relies on a trigger(two additive conditions), cannot be done by stock Vera scenes. To do what you wish, you will have to use the Programmable Logic Event Generator(PLEG) plugin app.

With PLEG you could easily roll all of this logic, the equivalent of three scenes, into a single instance.

Thank you for your reply. Do you happen to know if there is someone I can talk to for a few minutes for support of this Plugin and LUUP. A few minutes on the phone will help me understand the syntax and how to use the propoerties/fields of a points in a Vera setup. I’ve spent some time reading many posts about these, but a 2-way conversation will help.
I even thought there might be a company owner that wouldn’t mind assisting.

Thank you,


For PLEG see here for an introduction.

  • Garrett

It’s interesting that you thought that. I know of no such person.