how do I switch between 2 units?

I started with a VL UI7 then moved to a V3 UI7 and migrated the devices over. Then later I downgraded the V3 to UI5 also through migration so all the zwave devices are the same.

I assume if I took the V3 offline and plug the VL back in, the devices would show up and when done plug V3 in and I’m good?

There are a couple devices that I added to the V3 in UI5 that wasn’t in the VL ui7 if I paired them with the VL when I switch controller I’d lose it in the V3?

UI5 works for the the more important devices for me. However It lacks some feature of UI7 that I also like and the user friendly GUI so I want to test new firmware on the VL as they are release to see if what I need works before upgrading the V3 back to UI7.

It sounds like you would like to be able to run either or both of your Vera’s at the same time. If I understand you correctly, you’ve got a Vera 3(Primary) on UI5 and a Vera Edge on UI7(Secondary?).

[size=12pt]Backup your Z-Wave Network on the Vera 3 and then backup your Vera3.[/size]

There are a couple of ways that this could be done, but perhaps the safest option would be to follow the Vera 3 UI5 to Edge upgrade instructions. This will copy your existing Vera 3 UI 5 configuration to the Vera Edge and shift the primary controller role from the Vera 3 to the Vera Edge.

At that point, you can use either or both Veras as you choose. Simply realize that the Vera Edge, being primary, will be able to add new devices, where as the Vera 3 being secondary will not.

I have a vera lite but think itll be the same.