How do I set up codes for my lock?

Using the ezlo app or interface I have a little square on the dashboard to represent each device. The one device that it says it can connect with is a door lock. It’s a Schlage lock. With my Vera controller at a different location, I can easily set up codes on my door lock (it’s a Yale lock) it’s an option to set up new codes and to manage codes using my laptop or the app. I don’t see anything like that with Ezlo.
Is it Ezlo, or is it Schlage or what? Compared to my Vera controller and the software that runs it, this Ezlo, even after waiting a year for things to get better, is still very dissappointing. and it doesn’t seem to do anything.


You have the same options on Ezlo controllers using the Vera Mobile app.
On both the Android and iOS versions of the app, you need to go to the lock, and under the “Control” option, you will be able to create pincodes.


Thanks. I see that now. I was talking of the Mios app for android and for my windows PC. After a long phone call with the ezlo tech person I think they got things working. Lots of reboots on the controller but I’m going to say the problem seems to have been a lock that did not add/pair with the controller originally and that was probably me my fault. I think the controller might have problems adding a device of the same type as one that exists if the device name of the original isn’t changed prior to adding the second one.
anyway, Tech person was great.
Is there a way to add door codes to a lock in the android vera app and be able to see the codes? I understand security but I want to see the codes that are set up. on my PC I have a choice setting door codes on Vera controller but in the app I don’t see that option for Vera or ezlo.

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