How do I rename a device and assign to a room

I’m sure I’m missing something but have had no luck in manual or forum. I have a bunch of light switches that come up with the same ID when initialized. I want to rename them so I can tell them apart. I go into the advanced tab and rename. Whne I exit the name shows up. When I log back into the dashboard the new name is gone and the old generic name is back. How can I make it stick. I’ve tried the add button on the bottom of the advanced tab. No Luck. Same is true when I add new rooms using the icon at the top of the dashboard. How do I make changes “STICK”?

If you’re on a UI4 version, just click on the name in the device tab. It will become editable. Then save.

I don’t see a save command option. How do I tell if I’m on UIV4? If I’m ont how can I get there? I just updated firmware on my Vera 2. Lost all rooms, events, etc and some devices had to be re-initialized. Need to fix tonight as this is for a vacation house that I monitor and control remotely - leaving tomorrow. THanks for any advice / suggestions.

Got it - it’s not in the dialog, but after you exit the dialog there’s a save option on the dashboard on the top right. Not very intuitive, but it works. Thanks