how do I rebuild my VeraLite from scratch???

As reported here [url=,28391.0.html],28391.0.html[/url] I’m totally stuck trying to get my VeraLite on the air after multiple factor resets (hold the button down for over 10 secs)

Question: Is there a way to rebuild the device totally? (as if it just got delivered on my doorstep). Is there a way to download the build onto USB stick and put it in to rebuild or something?

When I cratered my Vera Lite, I was able to restore it by following the instructions in the first post here.

Once I got the UI back, I upgraded to the version of UI5 that I had been running and then restored from the most recent backup. Good luck.

thanks - something to try if support don’t get back to me in a timely fashion - I found the VeraLite link [url=][/url] Looks like you need an XP computer, so I might have to run up a virtual on my MacBook in this case…

Although the issue description for this don’t really match with mine - i.e. they say " BLINKING GREEN/ORANGE AND NO OTHER LEDS ARE LIGHT UP/BLINKING FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES…". But it’s the only description I’ve come across so far in terms of flashing a unit…