How do I create more than one instance of the althue app?

This could well be a daft question but how do i install more than one instance of the Althue app ?. I seem to be struggling to find the way to do this, if I just upload the files again from github I’m assuming it will overwrite the instance I have ?.

Looking to have 2 instances running so I can control both hue hubs Ive got running (currently 1 uses Althue the other uses the standard hue app, however that’s fallen over following the recent updates).

Any help greatly appreciated.

Assuming this is on the vera, Go to Apps/Develop apps/Create Device. Leave everything empty except for

  • Description: Put in the name you want
  • UPnP Device Filename: D_ALTHUE.xml
  • Upnp Implementation Filename: I_ALTHUE.xml

And hit create device… wait for the luup reload and go to this new instance of ALTHUE to parameter it with the IP and login credentials.

Great thanks will give it a go!.

Just curious, why do you use two hue hubs? For zigbee mesh, consolidating them would actually be a good thing to free up some RF channels.

We have more bulbs that one hub is able to handle (once we hit 51 the hub started to fall over). 2 hubs splits the bulbs, one hub does all ceiling bulbs, the other does room lamps etc.

Philips have no intention of launching a “super user” hub that can handle more than 50 devices so for now 2 hubs it is.

For me, I have two hubs in separate buildings, but the control is centralised via the AltHue plugin running under openLuup.