How do I check the firmware version and update firmware of a device using Vera?

I just bought a new UltraPro Z-Wave 39354. How do I check the firmware using Vera and then update it if it needs an update?

In the Vera UI7 web GUI on the main menu go to Settings then Firmware.

It will then auto check for a firmware update.

Version 1.7.5186 (7.31) is the current latest publicly released version.

There is also a 7.32 beta version that was on this forum somewhere.

I don’t believe Vera supports over the air upgrades of ZWave device firmware, it probably never will. Ezlo Plus doesn’t either (at least not yet).

You might be able to get some upgrade software from your device vendor coupled with a ZWave stick to migrate the device to the current firmware.

I have the device upgrade software from ZOOZ and a USB (ZWave) stick but have been too busy to try it yet.

Sorry I misread your question.

@curiousB is correct you cant update an actual devices firmware via OTA on the Vera hub.

To check the devices current firmware version, if you go into the devices Advanced area in the Vera UI7 web GUI, then look in Variables tab, it may report it in there somewhere.