How decode file LuaUPnP?

Somebody know how decode file /mios/usr/bin/LuaUPnP ? I need edit this.

No, This is MCV’s proprietary code.

  • Garrett

I have a second question:
if I will buy NA300 or NA900 (hardware) I’ll be able to install MIOS?

No, the most platform is not available for installing on other hardware except for the vera hardware.

  • Garrett

VeraLight use hardware sercomm NA300 404エラー ページが見つかりません|サーコム・ジャパン株式会社 - Sercomm Japan Corp
Why i can’t install MIOS on NA300?

Because you’d be violating the licence agreement, for one thing.

Assuming you are not worried about that, you’d still need to populate the nvram of the hardware with a key that was generated by Micasaverde. Everyone’s Vera has a different hardware key, and Micasaverde knows them all. If you don’t have a hardware key then you won’t be able to connect your Vera to

If you manage to secure a hardware key from a dead Vera (say, one that was sold for parts on eBay) and transplant it to your new hardware, you might have a shot at making it work. No one here on the forum has (to my knowledge) tried.

I ask only but THX,
The NA300 have the soft for management of appliances z-wave?