how can i use geofencing in a scene

How can i activate a scene when a phone (which has an app that has geofencing enabled) comes at its location it triggers a scene…

I found an app for the iphone but how about android and windowsphone.

In the official vera mobile app you can set the geofencing location but what then?
What does it trigger, i cannot find anything where i can trigger something to start a scene.

I would (and do) use a multiswitch or virtual switch. I use to phone to switch a virtual switch (or a multi switch). You could use autolocation for example, but there are more solutions, all depends on which OS your phone uses. Once you have the multi switch turning on or off in Vera you can use that to trigger your scenes.
Works really well.


Sadly the (official) vera app does not support any virtual devices/switches which you can set…
When i add a scene in the app it is impossible to choose a multi or virtual switches switch to be set ON or OFF, these devices do not show up in the list of available devices to choose from.

Geofencing on the Vera app sets the UI7 house mode to Home or Away. You trigger on that mode using the House Modes plugin. Which you can use as a trigger or even to set the House mode to any of the 4 values. All this runs on the Vera side, not the app side.

just an idea, if you could run a scene from the app, run a scene which switches the multi switch. I do similar things for my AV control where I cannot switch a multiswitch directly

That is not really a good option, works if you are the only person in the house, if you live with more persons you (owner of the phone) can leave the home and it switches this to away mode, but other members of the family are still at home…

I now use the iphone locator app in the store, this works the otherway around, the unit detects/triggers not the phone.
When my phone comes near my home the app (which runs on the vera unit, not on the phone) switches to present state, this i then can use in my scenes.

Sadly this app is only available for the iphone, not for android or windows phone.

This is also not possible, you cannot trigger a scene from the offcial vera app, only ‘real’ devices

What OS are you running on your phone ? If you are running Android you have good options. I am on Android, and use Authomation, Autovera, Autolocation and also tasker. That combination is extremely powerful, it does take a little time and effort to set up. There is another Android location app from Richard Schaefer (cant remember what its called but you find it on the forum here)

I myself use IOS9 (iphone6s plus) and my partner uses a Nokia Lumia 930 running windowsphone 8.1
We also have android but only on tablets, these we do not take outside, so on these devices we do not need this function.