How can I use existing wired door sensors with MCV VeraLite


I have a series of wired door sensors that were a part of a 15 year old security system. I would like to use these existing sensors as trigger points for scenes on my MCV VeraLite.

Is there a way to utilize these hard wired door sensors without installing a new security system?

If I do have to go the new security system route, can anyone recommend a security system with the appropriate accessories that you have experience that does not have to be subscribed to a monitoring service to work?


Search for DCS on this forum.
Well supported with Vera, … inexpensive, and No monthly fees.

You are in the situation I was a couple of months ago. I had an old non-working chubb alarm, I bought a DSC 1864 setup with a rfk5500(wired keypad with wireless enabled), a PC5108, a envisalink 3ds, a couple of wireless DSC sensors where wiring didn’t already exist or I would struggle getting it to, some fibaro switches, etc… and haven’t looked back. I would have gone for the 1832 but the price was so similar I thought I’d get just in case I expand.

Everything was easy apart from the steep learning curve for the initial setup of the DSC, if you use the guides and advise available it shouldn’t be too hard. Just remember if reusing old contacts etc… you may need to open them up and add resistors to enable tamper circuits etc…

Thanks for the quick response! This gives me a good start!


can you give a look in:

and check if this is compatible with vera3 ?

my needs is put window sensor, and movement sensor in rooms using wifi because I can not cable the house. and I need have occupancy and windows open or close status in vera3.

thanks !

Simple answer is No.

You want to look DSC 1616, 1832 or 1864 and interface to Vera using the EVL3. 2DS or IT100. The ELV3 is the most current of the Evisalink products and have a look here for the type of kits available:

There is heaps of information on these products and depending on your requirement, you should consider the most amount of zone that you may need in the long run…

some easy solution ? I have no problem to wire the system to vera3, my problem is the sensors it must be wifi…

some system approved to use with vera with plugin, etc. ?

thanks !!1

You could connect each door sensor to an Everspring SM103 module - they have contact input capability - but at $40 each the security alarm solution might well be cheaper.

Ok Racarter…
but think in have wifi sensors… I can not wire the house…is finish !

[quote=“Piwtorak, post:9, topic:174223”]Ok Racarter…
but think in have wifi sensors… I can not wire the house…is finish ![/quote]@Piwtorak,
You are better off with:
You can install that somewhere, maybe use the wired motion sensor, maybe not.

You can add the new transceiver module: TR5164-433 to allow wireless keypads and sensors (note: you wouldn’t need the wireless receiver in the above kit then.)

Thanks PurdueGuy !

I will buy the kit.
if you can send for me a link of a door/window sensor. I will use this system to detect if my windows is open or closed in vera3.

then my needs only is…

wifi door/window sensor sending information to a alarm center and this one sending the information to vera3 to provide alerts like: “window in room 1 is open !”

thanks !

Most with a DSC system use the Envisalink 3DS (or 2DS) to connect the alarm to Vera.

I use the following plunger sensors on my shutters:

If you can’t/don’t want to use the plungers, there are a bunch of other options:[ManufacturerID=6ava=0][ManufacturerID=120

If you do get the DSC panel, be sure to get a DSC-compatible transmitter! (For example, ION makes DSC, GE, and 2GIG compatible ones.)

Also, a great forum for alarm questions is: