How can I trigger another scene from a scene on Ezlo Secure

I though this should be simple but in the app I cannot seem to figure out how to trigger a scene from a scene as you would control a device.

I have scenes that do things already and I want to trigger them from another scene instead of rebuild the same device list and actions.

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Hello @jvilla,
At the moment, it is not possible to trigger a scene from a different one with the basic options offered by the VeraMobile app. However, you can do it by sending an HTTP request. Let’s say you want Scene 1 to trigger Scene 2 every time the former runs. You need to add an HTTP request as an action to Scene 1 that runs Scene 2, see the picture below:


Then, you need to add the URL. It should be something like this:


You can get more information on HTTP requests in Ezlo here. Remember to change the values for the controller’s IP address (you can get it from the app) and the scene ID (you can get it from the API tool). It should look like this:

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this process.
Best regards!