How can I see door codes (ezlo plus controller, Schlage BE469)?

I have four Schlage BE469 locks on my Ezlo controller. I like to set up different codes for different people (vacation rental). When I use the website with my Vera controller (different house with a Yale lock) I have the option of being able to see the codes or not. I can set up codes and I can view all the codes (if that is the choice when the code was set up) in the app. The only way I know of to add codes to the Schlage locks on the Ezlo controller is using the app and I do not see any option for viewing the codes. So, when I set up a code all I see in the app is *****. I’m hoping this is just me missing something but I really need to be able to see and confirm the codes.

Hey @fsuinnc!

We’d need more information to investigate further the problem you are experiencing. For this reason, would you mind providing us with the following information?

  • What is your door lock’s exact model? Is it the Schlage BE469NX or Schlage BE469ZP?

  • Your controller firmware version is outdated. Would you mind if we update your controller? Please be aware that the controller should not be disconnected or unplugged from the ethernet or power cable to avoid software damage to the unit.

I’ll be aware of any replies!

Hello @fsuinnc

The reason why you are not able to see the Schlage PIN codes is that Schlage locks send PIN codes in encrypted form. The case you mentioned for Yal is different - it sends unencrypted PINs.
We’ll check if we can have a customizable PIN code name in the mobile apps. It might cover the use case you mentioned.