How can I create a scene with AND operator in the triggers?

Below, you will find the steps to add triggers with the operator AND in the triggers by using groups of events. This means the scene will run only if all the triggers are met.

  1. Open the VeraMobile app, log in to your account and connect to your Ezlo controller.

  2. Open the “Menu” and go to “Scenes.”

  3. Tap on “Add event” to add the triggers.

  4. Tap on “Add group of events”

  5. Tap on “Add event” to select the triggers. When this is done, make sure the activation is by “All events should be met.”

  6. If you tap on “All events should be met,” you can change the operator. “All events should be met” is an AND and “If any event is met” is an OR.

  7. Note: You can create as many groups as needed and change the operator to be applied too.

  8. Fill the other fields of the scene as needed, save changes, and enjoy your new scene.

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