How can I control my home theater (tv, receiver, etc) thru Vera3

Hello !

How can I install a device and what device is this to have control about my TV, and receiver…using vera3 ??

I see a device named: redeye but I don’t understand how I will go access thru vera3. or I will have another application to make this kind of control.

thanks for your help…


Depends on how you you want to control them and what devices you have? If your devices have RS232 or ethernet (with IP control) then that’s the best way to control them, otherwise if you just want to use IR then you can use the following:
SQBlaster, USB-UIRT or a GC100 / iTach variant.

There are already many plugins available for various devices using IP or RS232 and it’s not too difficult to transpose an an existing plugin to work with these if you wanted to put in the effort. Otherwise IR will work fine with any of the above devices (still with a little work).

If you want go with IR then I would go with an SQBlaster+ which should be shipping real soon!

Where do you see ‘redeye’?

Do you own a redeye from thinkflood? (

My TV’s have Cat5/6 connectors for internet apps. I would like to send them commands from Vera like I do my DirecTV boxes with the use DTV app.

  1. Can all internet connected TV’s be sent commands TCP/IP from Vera?
  2. If my TV can be controlled (I have a Sharp and Samsung, I do not see them in the apps section), can the average person program Vera? or do I need the help of the experts here?

Are your TV sets [tt]UPnP/DLNA[/tt] compliant?

I know the sharp is. I’ll check the samsung manual when I get home.

In theory, you would be able to import an arbitrary UPnP compliant device into MiOS (UI5: Devices → Add devices - > UPnP devices → Add …) and you could then control your UPnP compliant device via MiOS scenes (‘Advanced’ tab).

Unfortunately, there is a bug [tt][/tt] - but there is a workaround:

Of course, if your TV set supports a proprietary protocol over TCP/IP for control, it would be possible to write a Luup plugin (as long as you can get hold of the protocol specification …). See [tt][/tt] for some examples (section ‘AV Control’).

All pre-orders for SQBlasterPlus have now shipped. Also, our Australian distributor ( and our European distributor ( have both received their initial stock.

We have a shipment going to Amazon Fulfilment, and we will take orders from our on line order system once the amazon system marks them as in stock If you can’t wait… send an email to and we’ll get your order into the system.

We trully believe the Blaster is the best network to IR solution out there, and those who have done full comparisons of all f the networked and bluetooth solutions have told us we ‘out blast them all’ . Later in the year, we will be providing a firmware update that enables control of some uPnP and other network devices directly from the plus.


Sorry by the later in answer…

I have buyed redeye from thinkflood…and I was thinking if is possible my vera3 communicate with this device and send commands to him.

i.e. create a scene in vera3 and with one click I can turn on the TV and receiver…( I know this is possible but I will turn on the lights in vera3 application and after I will run the application of redeye and turn the scene in redeye to turn the tv.) I want unify the proccess.

thanks for ideas.

I would also say that the simplest solution is probably to sell your redeye and buy an SQBlaster. This IR Blaster already comes with a plugin for your vera.

Another option would be to write your own plugin for the redeye to be able to fully control all features of it with the vera…

what I like in redeye is your stronger transmitter, without put cables in the front of the devices octophus style…I think put in the ceiling in the center of my room…it will shots your IR in 360 degrees …

I can not find a shop in web to see SQ BLASTER…can you indicate one for me?

thank you !

It can be found here:

And it does exactly the same, it also send your ir-commands 360 degrees, in addition to that you can also use wires. They just released a second generation of their blasters called “SQ Blaster +”, so it might be that they have some delivery problems at the moment.

I own the first version of the SQ Blaster, it’s a great device. Especially since it comes with an iOS app that allows controlling your vera too. I am still waiting for the official Android Release of that app. After installing the device and the plugin on vera (which requires quiet a few manual steps: SQBlaster) its a very reliable way of fully integrating all kinds of IR devices with your vera.

As already said, another option would be to write a plugin for your redeye.

Because of this reason I am suddenly very interested in that redeye:,10293

Do you have this redeye?

Hello Chixxi …

exactly this model !

I buy on for 199.00 US$.

I’m goingo to Miami-FL this weekend…do you know a shop with zwave products in this city to indicate for me ?


next week I will test my redeye extremly…because only tomorrow will be in my hands

I got my redeye for $99, I asked them directly if they could provide one to me to test it with the vera (I am going to try to make a plugin). 8) It should arrive this friday…

I am from Switzerland, so can’t really recommend a zwave shop in Miami. Ohh man, I’d also like to go to Miami :cry:

[quote=“chixxi, post:16, topic:171205”]I got my redeye for $99, I asked them directly if they could provide one to me to test it with the vera (I am going to try to make a plugin). 8) It should arrive this friday…

I am from Switzerland, so can’t really recommend a zwave shop in Miami. Ohh man, I’d also like to go to Miami :'([/quote]
Please post if you were able to integrate redeye with vera. thanks.


some good news for redeye and vera3 communication ???

regards !!!

Well I got a redeye, but I never even used it. I just ain’t got the time at the moment, getting a new job and beeing busy with all kind of other technical toys I got (i.e. a Steam Engine and a Galaxy SIII)

You have two options, either wait or start coding yourself. The redeye can be controlled pretty easily, shouldn’t be a problem to integrate with vera, but still needs time… SORRY

You are forgiven, friend !!!

let me know when you have started with redeye.