How any thermostats can I have?

Is there a limit to the number of thermostats that can be controlled by the Vera box? For example, let’s say I have a zoned HVAC system with a thermostat in each room, for a total of 8 thermostats. Would I be able to control all of them with a single Vera controller? I know that Z-wave can handle 200+ devices on a network, but I want to make sure Vera’s user interface is up to the task. Thanks.

Should be no problem . Vera can handle up to the Zwave limit. I would not want to do that with Zwave as the network can get slow. If you eight rooms no problem.
The more devices can make a Zwave network more robust but can slow it down also. Say 70 devices. If you have 10 thermostats and 15 lights and some sensors you should be fine.

Excellent. Thanks!