House modes and tripped sensors

Hi all,

I know this topic has been discussed before, just checking if anyone has found a workable solution.

I don’t use House Modes since they force me to choose either to arm or disarm security sensors. No “leave as they are” option, as far as I can see. The challenge of arming them in any mode is that it is impossible to tell if that is the right thing to do or not. They might be tripped, that is the challenge. Arming a tripped sensor means running the alarm scene, sirens fire and so on. I obviously don’t want that happening all the time.
It is not as easy as just extending the delay time, as sensors frequently gets stuck in a tripped state. Also, door and windows sensors might be tripped because the door or window in fact is open, and perhaps I want it to be that way in a given situation. Or maybe I forgot to shut a window, that doesn’t mean I want the alarm to go off.
So, I don’t want tripped sensors to become armed when changing House Mode before they get untripped. Is that possible with modes?

I have an “Alarm arm” scene that does this fine; when door is locked it arms alarm and sensors as they become untripped. If they don’t become untripped, they won’t get armed. I would like to use House Modes, but it has to work like this. If the Hose Mode just could leave sensors alone, I could combine my script with the House mode, and get both. Any ideas on how that could be achieved?